Nice to have you here.

My name is Tobias.
I'm a german based maker with great love for creative communication.


While studying computer science in media, I discovered my passion for bringing unusual ideas to life. I started hacking together physical prototypes and incorporated them into my media production work. By doing this, I acquired a variety of different skills which perfectly complemented my study knowledge.

Besides working on classical communication and advertising projects, I had the opportunity to do some experimentation with unusual methods as well. My free time is mainly dedicated to the discovery of newest maker-tools. Currently I'm just about to dig a little deeper into the realistic rendering of technical 3D models and the construction of my own 3D Printer.

I created the following "Table of Skills and Interests" in order to give you a quick idea of some central elements I am busy with. Please note that this graphic is not intended to be a complete representation of my personality and skill set.



interaction controller fogscreen prototype led_slider installation

Here you can see some randomly selected pictures of recent projects I did. More detailed and specific project descriptions will follow soon.


If you have any questions, want me to get involved into your project or just feel like getting in touch with me, you're very welcome to write whatever is on your mind at: